Neurodyn Portable Tens Electrotherapy Unit

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 Neurodyn Portable Tens Description

          The equipment is a transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator used in current therapies for TENS. It uses technology of microcomputers, so it is microcontrolled. It is non-invasive, it has no systemic effect, it is not addictive and has no side effects. It consists of  mild electrical stimulation applications through electrodes placed in  area affected by pain in the body. This equipment corresponds to Class II Type BF of safety and protection. It should be operated only by trained people and within  the duly authorized medical departments.

          NEURODYN portable TENS can also be connected to the main electrical net by simply connecting  it to the network adapter 110/220 volts to 9 V.

          As it is a small machine to operate on 9 V battery, it can be easily transported and used by the patient, because it  has a bag  with a belt buckle.

NEURODYN portable TENS allows the following modes of operation:

1 – TENS: Normal mode (TENS: conventional). 

2 – VF TENS: TENS (with automatic change of frequency). 

3 – VIF TENS: TENS (with automatic variation of intensity and frequency). 

4 – AC TENS: TENS (acupuncture). 

5 – BURST: (TENS modulated pulse trains at 2 Hz).


          NEURODYN portable TENS was designed according to existing technical standards for the development of medical devices (NBR NBR IEC 60601-1 IEC 60601-1-2 and IEC 60601-2-10 NBR).

           Essential Performance: Neurodyn portable TENS is a device for applying electrical current through electrodes in direct contact with the patient for treatment of neuromuscular disorders. It is a neuromuscular  transcutaneous stimulator of TENS current . The technique involves the application of mild electrical stimulation through electrodes placed in the body area affected by pain. This technique is noninvasive, without systemic effects, not addictive and it  has no  side effects. The current intensity required for treatment depends on the  patient’s sensitivity. Therefore, the treatment should be started with minimum levels of intensity (very low), increasing carefully until they get the proper effect to the procedure and according to the patient’s  report.

           NEURODYN portable TENS is  portable and small, with two output channels for the patient, who works with one 9 V battery type 6F22. It allows the choice of T (pulse duration) of 50 us 500 us, F (repetition frequency of pulses) of 0.5 Hz to 250 Hz and Timer (time of application) 10-60 minutes. The selection of these parameters (T, F, and Timer) is made through a touching keypad with the information shown on the LCD.

           NEURODYN portable TENS can also be connected to the electrical power net, simply by connecting it to the network adapter 100-240 volts to 9 V (details in Chapter electrical power).

           As it is a small machine to be operated on 9 V battery, it can be easily transported and used by the patient, because it has a bag with  belt buckles.

WARNING: –  Neurodyn portable TENS was certified according to the  technical standards NBRIEC 60601-1 NBRIEC 60601-1-2 and 60601-2-10 NBRIEC only when used with 9 V battery or the AC adapter provided. Therefore, it is not guaranteed to work  within these standards when used with AC / DC (battery eliminator) from another manufacturer.

Power: – Battery 9 V type 6F22. 

Option enables operation with AC / DC. 

Input Power – Consumption (Max): – 15 Va.

EQUIPMENT: CLASS II with Type BF applied part of security and protection.

Pulse Shape: – asymmetric biphasic square wave with no cc component (continuous current). 

Output channels – 2 independent channels in amplitude. 

Intensity of maximum current per channel with de1000 ohm resistive load (when F = 250 Hz and T = 500useg) – TENS normal mode: 100 mA peak to peak per channel. 

Length (w – T) of a positive pulse of current TENS to 50% of maximum amplitude: – Variable from 50 usec to 500 usec. 

Length (w – T) phase negative pulse current TENS to 50% of maximum amplitude: – Variable 0-250 usec. 

Range Pulse Repetition Frequency (F) TENS for 50% of maximum amplitude: – varying from 0.5 to 250 Hz 

TENS AC: – with automatic variation of frequency, i.e, it  varies the pulse repetition frequency (F), providing greater sweep of muscle fibers. When this mode is selected, the pulse repetition frequency (F) automatically increases ranging from 7 Hz to 65 Hz, an approximate time of 12.5 seconds. Soon after the pulse repetition frequency (F) decreases from 65 Hz to 7 Hz in an approximate time of 12.5 seconds. These cycles are repeated indefinitely until the pacing mode is changed. 


Modulation Pulse Trains – BURST (TENS): – 7 pulses corresponding to 28 msec cycle on and off cycle of 472 msec (2 Hz).

Dimensions (mm): – 78 x 148 x 50 (W x D x H); 

Weight (approx. without accessories):– 250 g; 

Stacking up: – 10 boxes; 

Temperature for storage and transportation: – 50-50 ° C; 

Environment operating temperature: – 5-45 ° C.

Abbreviations of  measurement units used:

mA = milliamperes; 

Hz = hertz; 

Va = volt amps; 

mm = mm; 

usec = us = microseconds; 

msec = milliseconds. 

V ~ = AC voltage; 

cm = centimeter; 

V = volts.

Accessories accompanying the appliance:

– 02  pairs of silicone rubber electrode of 30 x 50 mm; 

– 02  connecting cables to the patient (red – one channel, black – channel 2); 

– 01 gel tube ; 

– 01 manual; 

– 01 Bag with belt buckle; 

– 01 Battery 9 V type 6F22; 

– 01 AC / DC (battery eliminator) voltage of 100/240 V AC (50-60 Hz) with stabilized output 9 V DC 500 mA (pin type P4 2.5 X 5.5 X 9 mm positive external and internal negative).

Ps.: – Using cables, electrodes and other accessories different from those specified above may result in increased emissions or decreased immunity of the equipment.

Note: – The device and its features may change without previous notice.