You have technical problem?

Our service department will solve it!

The service co-operation with P&P CITO – INSTITUTIONS OF MEDICAL TECHNIQUE thats the guarantee, that for Your medical equipment respond the best trained staff specialized in service of medical equipment. The distant centres covers with their range 100% surface of Poland. Our service of medical equipment maintain the terrains of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

We provide following services:

Warranty service and after-guarantee

  • Repair of medical equipments
  • Technical inspections
  • Assembly, disassembly and modernization of equipment
  • Opinion and publication of technical judgements;
  • Advising of purchase of equipment;
  • The training of medical device support services;
  • The pricing of equipment;
  • Set technical passports

Authorized service of medical equipment 

Our service centre possesses the authorization of leading manufacturers to exercise of technical inspections also guarantee and after-guarantee repairs of medical equipments. Testified through our firm services characterize with top quality warranted by internal audyty according to system of quality inspectionP&PC, as and the competitiveness thanks to maintenance the status ofindependent centre of medical technique.

Thanks toplentiful, experienced service group we are able to take care of mostly every technical equipment. We offer our customers choice between original accessories and moduluss.

Thanks to authorization our services, we are valued by manufacturers of medical equipment, which let You the certainty of unfailing service. Got through our firm certificates confirm our qualifications, which testifies this that we are prepared to technical reviews and repairs of medical equipment. We particularly recommend inclusion with us a contract on regular protection of technical apparatuses. With such contract You receive the same right how during guarantee of medical equipment or an additionally rights extended, specified in the contract about regular technical protection.

We provide following services:


Warranty service and after-guarantee;

  • Assembly, disassembly and modernization of equipment
  • Opinion and publication of technical judgements;
  • Advising of purchase of equipment;
  • The training of medical device support services;
  • The pricing of equipment;
  • Set technical passports

  We serve following sections:

  • physiotherapy,
  • dentistry,
  • cardiology,
  • gynaecology and obstetrics,
  • sterilisation,
  • optician,
  • laryngology,
  • surgery,
  • Aesthetics and dermatology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • and studios medical squads.

What are we repairing?

  • equipment to cardiological diagnostics
  • equipment to investigations of action of respiratory system
  • spirometers
  • cardiological equipment
  • equipment of ECG
  • 24h ECG and pressure monitors
  • the equipment to troubleshooting of fetus UDT
  • Fetal monitors (cardiotokographs)
  • monitoring life actions equipment (monitors)
  • defibrillators and stimulators
  • incubators
  • infusion pump
  • laryngoscopes
  • inhalers
  • equipments to check preassure (manometers)
  • lamp to photo-cured
  • piezoelectric scalers
  • compressors
  • dentist’s units
  • cripplehood beds
  • anti-pressure sore mattresses
  • tables and couch to massage
  • bathtub and balneological equipment
  • electrostimulators
  • device to magnetoteraphy
  • device to supersonic therapy
  • biostimulantic lasers
  • device to photo-therapy (lamp sollux, Bioptron)
  • different physiotherapeutical equipment
  • incubators
  • microscopes
  • shakers
  • centrifuge
  • sterilisers and autoclaves
  • different laboratory equipment
  • microscopes
  • oculistic equipment
  • view-finders
  • source of light
  • autoclaves and sterilisers
  • distillers and redestylatory
  • washs and washers
  • welder to packets

Our service includes among other things :


3M, Abbott, Accoson AC, Cossor & Son, Accuro-Sumer, ADC, ADE, Air-O-Swiss, Akme, Alba Thyment, ALOKA, Alu-Rehab Poland Sp. z o.o., AM.BI Srl, Angelcare, ANI BUT, Apolonia, Arkray, ASPEL, Astar, Axelgaard Manufacturing. Co., Basic Medica, Baurer, BEIJING M&B ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD, Beurer, BIOMAK, BioMedical Life Systems, BOSO BOSH+SOHN, BOXmet, Braun, BTL, Carci, Cefarm, Charder, CHATTANOOGA, CHISON MEDICAL IMAGING CO.,LTD, CIR Systems, Inc., Clement Clarke Int. (CCI), Coloplast, CompAir, Contec, CTL, Cumberland Swan, DefibTech, DILOS, Donegal, ECOLAB, Ecomed, EiE Otwock, EKAPLAST, EDAN, Eldan, ELITE, Emed, ERHEM, ERKA, EVERYWAY MEDICAL, Falcon, FARUM, FASHY, Flaem, Flos, Foshan, GE, Geratherm, Glovex, GNATUS, Grawena, Grotex, Habys, Hadeco, Hartmann, Heine, Helbig, Homedics, Hugidea, HUR, Hydrotex, INCO, Intec, Interacoustics, Iron Duck, JIANGSU NEW ERA INDUSTRIAL & TRADE CORP., Juventas, KAPS Sp. z o.o. , Kart-Map, KaWe, KOLMIO Kiełkowscy, KX, KZWM Ogniochron, Laerdal Medical AS, Lanaform, LC Technology, LECKEY, Lifeline, LimexTim, LITE Cami, Livemarque, Luxo, M4 Medical, Magic Care, MAICO, MARBO, MARP Electronic, MARP Medical Electronics Ltd, Mebby, Med & Life Sp. z o.o. , Medel, Medi Smart , MEDBUT,  Medica Vera, MEDICAL, Medisana, MEDITECH, Medline, Med-Plast S.C., MedSet, MEMO, Mescomp, METITUR OY, Metrum Cryoflex, Microlife, MINDREY, MIR, Mitsubishi, Monlain, MSI Germany, NAiS, Neox, New Waseem, NISSEI, OMRON, Oppo Medical, OPPO MEDICAL INC., OPTEC, OPTI, Optimum, Ossur, O-Two Medical Technologies Inc, P&P CITO, Panasonic, PARI Respiratory Equipment, Part-Med, PEM, Perlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., PHILIPS, PRECOR, Prestan, Prim SA, Primedic, RAJ, Reebok, Risng medical equipment co.,ltd, Sanitplast, Sanity, Sapczech, Saringer, Scholl, SECA, SEIVA, ShangHai AoMin Industrial Co.,Ltd, Sibelmed, SOFINEGROUP CO.,LTD., SOHO, Solac, Spengler, SPINA MEDICAL AB, Spirit, SpofaDental, TAIXING RUISHENG CO.,LTD, Tech-Med Sp.J, Technomex, Tenscare Ltd., tic Medizintechnik, Tokuyama Dental, Tuscany Leather, Tytan Medical Corp., UEBE GmbH, ULTRAVIOL, VERA, WATERJEL, Weinmann, WELCH, WKEA MED SUPPLIES CORP, YAVIT, ZALIMP, Zhermack, ZIMMER