P&P CITO – Serwis sprzętu medycznego

The MEDFinance S. A. this the new undertaking which is aim making possible the public hospitals as well as unpublic to gain over it  habilitation for investment, it in peculiarity of habilitation the exchange and purchase of new medical equipment. We offer to modern forms access habilitation, we propose among other things the services of habilitation in form the deliveries of medical equipment factoringu (habilitation hire purchase), as well as loans investment leasing.

Without necessity of engagement of own centres You can  invest in modern medical technologies, computer whether unreel the medical infrastructure, which will be the influence on elevation the competitiveness of medical post and standards of treatment of patients.

The creation the copartership is the answer on dynamically developing market of medical equipment as well as need after side of hospitals. Achievement of the leader’s position is in range our aim the habilitation of medical equipment the public and unpublic hospitals.