The utilization of apparatus and  medical equipment

The recycling is one of methods for protection of natural environment. It is his aim to limitation of waste of natural materials as well as decrease the quantity of wastes.

According to law about wastes with day 27 April 2001 year (Dz. U. from 2001 r. of Nr 62, poz. 628) under notion the recycling „the reason oneself such salvage which depends on second processing in wastes or materials contained substances in manufacturing process in aim obtainments substance or material about destination primitive or about different destination in this also the organic recycling, with except of salvage of energy.”

Maximization of recycling is renewed utilization of the same materials and minimization of expenditures on their processing. The principle of working of recycling wherethrough natural materials be protected which they serve to their producing as well as materials servants to them later processing.

We direct our offer to all persons who struggle with problem „getting rid of” the medical equipment in suitable prepare, all definite in law of subjects which have the right and duty to take the care about professional menagment of exploited medical equipment. Therefore we invite to co-operation: hospitals , outpatient clinics as well as private consult room.

Going out opposite Your needs we testify the complex services in range of utilization , reception, transportation and neutralizing of used medical equipment.