Neurodyn AUSSIE Sport Electrotherapy Unit

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          Neurodyn Aussie Sport is an equipment for applying  electrical current through electrodes in direct contact with the patient. This is a transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator which uses microcomputer technology, that is, it is controlled by a computer.

          Neurodyn Aussie Sport stimulator  produces  AUSSIE CURRENT (also called  Autralian Current), a  “new generation” of electrical current for stimulation with some advantages on the traditional methods of stimulation  (Russian, Interferential, TENS e FES). This technique is not invasive, not addictive, it has no systemic  effects , no undesirable side effects.

          The current intensity needed depends on the  dysfunction to be treated as well as on the patient’s threshold pain. Thus, the treatment should start with minimum levels of intensity (very low), being carefully increased until the adequate effects to the procedure are obtained and according to sensorial, motor and painful reaction of each patient.

          When a person is submitted to an electrical stimulation, he/she will have a tingling sensation in the local or in the areas between the electrodes. This sensation is comfortable for most people. However some people report it to be unpleasant.

          Neurodyn Aussie Sport produces a stimulus, whose waveform  is much more comfortable than any other traditional form  of stimulation. Thus, it is more probable that this stimulus will be more pleasant to the majority of the patients.

          The level of the sensation is controlled by the parameter adjustment of the equipment.. However, as it has been said before, because Aussie current stimulation is more agreeable  than the most traditional electrical stimulations  (Russian, Interferential, TENS e FES), a sensorial or motor stimulation can be obtained with the minimum of pain.

          Due to the technology used be the same of the microcomputers, the controllers operate trough touch screen. All the information related to the parameters selected by the physiotherapist will be shown in the alphanumeric liquid crystal display.

NEURODYN AUSSIE SPORT provides two ways of stimulation:

– Sensory stimulation (maximum comfort) and

– Motor stimulation (maximum  torque).

Stimulation options:

NEURODYN AUSSIE SPORT stimulator has four output   independent controllers of intensity. So, four different regions can be stimulated either separately or together during a treatment section.

NEURODYN AUSSIE SPORT generates Aussie current (also called Australian current) – it is a kind of sinusoidal current with carrier frequency of 1.000Hz or 4.000Hz with burst duration of  4ms or 2ms, modulated  in pulse trains (bursts) of frequency ranging from  1 to 120 Hz.

NEURODYN AUSSIE SPORT enables the following stimulation modes:

– CONTINUOUS MODE (Cont.): The sensation of stimulation is continuous and constant.

– SYNCRONIZED MODE (Sync.) (with ramps: On, Off, Rise and Decay): The four channels operate simultaneously and synchronized . The sensation of stimulation follows the selected time on the ramps: On, Off, Rise and  Decay.

– RECIPROCOUS MODE  (Rec.) (with ramps: On, Off, Rise e Decay): The channels 1 and 3 operate alternately with the channels  2 and 4. The sensation of stimulation follows the selected time chosen on the ramps: On, Off, Rise and  Decay.

The  equipment allows the selection of the following parameters:

TIMER:- it permits to select the application time from  1 to 60 minutes. At the end of the time chosen , an alarm will  sound and  the current will stop flowing to the patient. The selected value will be decreasing as the time is running out.

Burst frequency:– this frequency (frequency of pulse trains) can be selected by the therapist from 1 to  120 Hz.

Burst duration:- this duration  (width of train pulses) can be selected by the therapist in 2 ms or 4 ms.

RISE (rising ramp of the pulse):- pulse rising time from 1 to 20 seconds. It regulates the speed of the contraction, that is, the time from the beginning up to the maximum muscular contraction. High times produce a slow but gradual contraction. Low times produce a more sudden contraction.

DECAY (pulse descent time):- it ranges from 1 to 20 seconds. It regulates the speed in which the contraction decreases, that is, the time from the maximum contraction up to the muscular relaxation. High times produce low relaxation. Low times produce a sudden relaxation.

ON TIME (time on):- time of maximum muscular contraction, it ranges from  1 to  60 seconds. It regulates the time the current flows through the electrodes during each stimulation cycle.

OFF TIME (time off):- resting period of the muscular contraction, ranging from 1 to 60 seconds. It regulates the time the current does not flow through the electrodes during each cycle.

PROGRAMS (pre programmed protocols):- the programs are available by touching the screen. It is just necessary to select the program and then set the intensity of the treatment.

Obs.: When the SYCRONIZED Mode is selected , the four channels operate together, at the same time, that is, the channels  perform simultaneously the selected time of  Rise, On, Decay and Off. When the RECIPROCOUS Mode is selected, the channels  1 and 3, 2 and 4 operate alternatively.

What is really Aussie Current (Australian Current)?

Aussie current ( Australian current) is a therapeutic electrical alternating current with frequency in  KHz with some similar range to the Interferential therapy and Russian current. The difference is in the value of the KHz used  as well as in the wave form. Traditionally , Interferential current is modulated in sinusoidal way and the Russian  current is formed  by Bursts with 50% of the duty cycle. Aussie  (Australian current) presents a pulse short duration and this is exactly what makes the stimulation provided by the Aussie current be more efficient  compared with the other therapeutic electrical current.

Power supply:- Bivolt 100/240 V~ 50/60 Hz.

Input power – Consume (max.):- 40 Va

Output channels:- 4 independent channels in amplitude

Pulse form:- sinusoidal modulated  in bursts without the  c.c component.:

Carrier frequency:- 1 kHz or 4 kHz

Burst duration:- 2 ms or 4 ms

Burst frequency:- Ranging from 1 Hz to 120 Hz

Time of application:- Ranging from  1 to 60 minutes

ON:- Ranging from  1 to 60 seconds

OFF:- Ranging from  1 to 60 seconds

RISE:-  Rising time of the train pulse – Ranging from  1 to 20 seconds

DECAY:- Descent time  of the train pulse:- Ranging from 1 to 20 seconds

Dimensions (mm):- 265 x 275 x 115 (width x weight x height);

Weight (aprox. without accessories):- 2,5 kg;

Maximum stacking:- 10 boxes;

Temperature for transportation and storage:- 5°C a 50°C;

Work environment temperature:- 5°C a 45°C.

Abbreviations of measure units used:

mA = miliampers;   

Hz = hertz;        

Va = volt amperes;

mm = millimeters;

useg = us= microseconds;

s = seconds;

mseg = miliseconds.  

V~ = alternated tension;

cm = centimeter;

W = watts.

Accessories accompanying  the equipment:

– 01 detachable power cable;

– 02 cables (each one with four wires and banana pins at the ends) connecting to the patient;

– 04 pairs of silicone rubber electrodes (50 x 50mm);

– 04 pairs of silicone rubber electrodes (30 x 50mm);

– 01 operation manual CD;

– 01 2 A spare protection fuse;

– 01 tube of  Gel (100g);

– 01 carrying case (sapphire line).

Ps.:  The use of cable, electrodes and other accessories different from the ones specified above may result in increase emissions or decreased immunity of the equipment.

Note:- The equipment and its characteristics may suffer alterations without previous notice.