Neurodyn III Electrotherapy Unit

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 Description Neurodyn III 

          It is a neuromuscular stimulator for transcutaneous FES and TENS currents. Although small, NEURODYN III case has a modern design with front panel that enables the therapist to easily adjust the equipment. This is a transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator, two channels with adjustable independent intensity , they generate TENS and FES currents . It allows the choice of T (pulse duration) of 25 us 500 us and R (repetition frequency of pulses) of 0.5 Hz and 250 Hz. The selection of these parameters (T and R) is made through a touching keyboard with the information shown in a green 7-segment LCD.

NEURODYN III provides the following modes of operation:

1 – TENS: Normal mode (TENS: conventional, acupuncture, brief and intense). 

2 – VIF TENS: TENS with automatic variation of intensity and frequency. 

3 – BURST: (TENS modulated pulse trains at 2 Hz). 

4 – T ON: time of maximum contraction. 

5 – T OFF: resting period of contraction. 

6 – FES SYNC: (synchronized FES .) 

7 – FES REC: (reciprocal FES ). 

8 – FES SYNC VIF: (synchronized FES with VIF). 

9 – FES REC VIF: (reciprocal FES with VIF). 



          NEURODYN III is an equipment designed for continuous operation mode. It uses technology which ensures the accuracy of the values shown. The accuracy of this operation is in accordance with the standards for safety equipment for neuromuscular stimulation – NBR IEC 60601-2-10, Clause 50 / subclauses 50.1 and 50.2. The amplitude control continuously monitors the output current intensity from the minimum to the maximum and minimum  and its value does not exceed 2% at the maximum position. The parameters such as waveform output, pulse duration, pulse repetition frequency, amplitude range of output current do not differ by more than 30% mentioned in the following technical description.

          The values of the durations of pulses and pulse repetition frequency  described here were measured at 50% of the maximum amplitude of the output. These parameters are for a load impedance in the range from 820 Ω to 1200 Ω.

           The effect of load impedance parameters described is very important. If the equipment is operated  outside the load impedance range specified , there may be inaccuracy in the values of the parameters, as well as modification of the waveforms described here.

          Neurodyn III is a single-phase equipment with Class II Type BF applied part of security and protection.

Power source:- Bivolt 110/240 V ~ (50/60 Hz).

Input Power – Consumption (Max): – 5 Va. 

Output channels:- 2 independent channels in amplitude. 

Intensity of maximum current per channel with resistive load of 1000 ohms (when R = T = 250Hz and 500useg):- TENS normal mode: 100 mA peak to peak per channel. 

FES sync mode:- 100 mA peak to peak per channel. 

Length (w – T) of a positive pulse of TENS and FES current 50% of the maximum amplitude:- variable from 25 usec to 500 usec. 

Length (w – T) of the negative phase Pulse TENS and FES current 50% of maximum amplitude:- varies from 20 usec to 500 usec. 

Range Pulse Repetition Frequency (R) for TENS and FES 50% of maximum amplitude:- varying from 0.5 to 250 Hz. 

Modulation of Pulse Trains BURST (only w / TENS mode):- 7 pulses corresponding to 25 msec cycle ON and OFF cycle of 475 msec (2 Hz). 

ON Time (FES):- Variable 1-60 seconds. 

OFF Time (FES):- Variable 1-60 seconds; 

RISE-rise time of the pulse train (FES):- Fixed at 2 seconds. 

DECAY-time lowering of the pulse train (FES):- Fixed in half. 

Dimensions (mm): 190 x 115 x 42 (W x D x H). 

Weight (approx. without accessories):- 700 g. 

Stacking up:- 10 boxes. 

Temperature w / Storage and transport: 5-50 ° C. 

Environment operating temperature:- 5-45 ° C.

Abbreviations of units of measurement used: 

mA = milliamperes. 

Hz = hertz. 

Va = volt amps. 

mm = mm. 

usec = us = microseconds. 

msec = milliseconds. 

V ~ = AC voltage. 

cm = centimeter. 

W = watts. 

Ω = ohms.

Accessories accompanying the equipment:

– 02 pairs of silicone rubber electrodes (30 x 50 mm). 

– 02 for connecting cables to the patient (a red channel, black-Channel 2). 

– 01 gel tube. 

– 01 manual. 

– 01 manual switch pen with stimulation. 


Ps.: Using cables, electrodes and other accessories different from those specified above may result in increased emissions or decreased immunity of equipment.

Note:  The device and its features may change without notice.