Neurovector Electrotherapy Unit

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Neurovector Description

          It is evident the importance of alternating currents of medium frequency in electrotherapy . In NEUROVECTOR 2.0 V, these alternating currents have the operating frequency of 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz or 8000 Hz which penetrate deeply into the tissues producing a wide variety of physiological effects. They allow high current densities with small sensory effect on the skin, making it quite pleasant to the patient. The danger of burns under the electrodes is minimal. The so-called interferential current is a technique where two medium frequency alternating currents of different phases or frequencies intersect. The overlap of amplitudes results in new frequency, called "Beat Frequency" or "Frequency Modulation Amplitude (MFA).

We highlight the following features of NEUROVECTOR V 2.0:

– Operation through a touching keypad with information showed in the  crystal LCD.

Interferential estimulation Mode

– Bipolar (pre-modulated) mode – continuous or surge;

– Tetrapolar – Normal or with manual or automatic operation of the vector; 

– Possibility of choosing automatic scanning range of frequency modulated – SWEEP (also known as AMF); 

– Possibility of choosing the carrier frequency of 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz or 8000 Hz;

 – On, Off, Rise and Decay for muscle exercises (so arises); 

– Allows you to choose the time of application, automatically turning off the current emission at the end of the programmed  schedule.


           NEUROVECTOR V 2.0 is a device designed for continuous operation mode. It uses microcontroller technology to ensure the accuracy of the values shown. The accuracy of this operation is in accordance with the provisions of the standards for particular safety equipment for neuromuscular stimulation – NBR IEC 60601-2-10, Clause 50 subclauses 50.1 and 50.2. The output amplitude control continuously monitors the output current intensity from the minimum to the maximum and minimum value does not exceed 2% of the maximum position. The parameters such as waveform output, pulse duration, pulse repetition frequency, amplitude range of output current do not differ by more than 30% mentioned in the following technical description.

           The values of the durations of pulses and  pulse repetition frequency described here were measured at 50% of the maximum amplitude of the output.

           These parameters are for a range of load impedance of 820 Ω to 1200 Ω. The effect of load impedance parameters described is very important. If the appliance is operated outside the range specified load impedance, there may be inaccuracy in the values of the parameters, as well as modification of the waveforms described here.

          Neurovector V 2.0 is a Class II single-phase equipment with Type BF applied part of security and protection.

Power source: – Bivolt 110/240 V ~ (60 Hz); 

Input Power – Consumption (Max): – 85 Va; 

Output channels – two channels with independent control of amplitude; 

Amplitude Range (mA peak to peak): – 120 mA per channel; 

Timer: – Variable 10-60 minutes; 

Mode of interference – or Bipolar Tetrapolar; 

Carrier frequency – 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz or 8000 Hz, where: 

Channel 1 – Fixed 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz or 8000 Hz; 

Channel 2 – Variable 2001-2100 Hz, 4001-4100 Hz or 8001 Hz to 8100 Hz 

Shape of pulse: –  biphasic symmetrical sinusoidal; 

Length (w – T) of a single pulse of current at 50% of the maximum amplitude to the carrier frequency of 2000 Hz – 500 usec; 

Length (w – T) of a single pulse of current at 50% of the maximum amplitude to the carrier frequency of 4,000 Hz – 250 usec; 

Length (w – T) of a single pulse of current at 50% of the maximum amplitude to the carrier frequency of 8000 Hz – 125 usec, 

Range Frequency of treatment (AMF): – Variable 1 to 100Hz (in 1 Hz steps); 

Range frequency of scanning – Sweep (AMF): – Variable 1 to 100Hz (Hz steps de1); 

For the Bipolar mode interference (pacing Surge): – 

ON Time: – From 1 to 60 / 2; 

OFF Time: – From 1 to 60 / 2; 

RISE (rise time of the pulse train): – From 1-9 seconds; 

DECAY (descent time of the pulse train): – From 1-9 seconds.

Dimensions (mm): – 265 x 275 x 115 (W x D x H); 

Weight (approx. without accessories): – 1.1 kg; 

Stacking up: – 5 boxes; 

Temperature of storage and transportation: – 50-50 ° C; 

Environment operating temperature: – 5-45 ° C.

Abbreviations of units of measurement used:

mA = milliamperes; 

Hz = hertz; 

Va = volt amps; 

mm = mm; 

usec = us = microseconds; 

msec = milliseconds. 

V ~ = AC voltage; 

cm = centimeter; 

W = watts; 

Ω = ohms.

Accessories accompanying the appliance:

– 02 pairsof silicone rubber  electrode 50 x 50 mm; 

– 02 pairs of silicone rubber electrode  30 x 50 mm; 

– 02  connecting cables to the patient (green – channel 1, blue – channel 2); 

– 01 detachable power cable; 

– 01  gel tube; 

– 01 spare fuse protection; 

– 01 manual of Instructions.

PS: – Using cables, electrodes and other accessories different from those specified above may result in increased emissions and decreased immunity of equipment.

Note: – The device and its features may change without previous notice.