20 marca 2018

Health Expert Panel adopts first three opinions

Health Expert Panel adopts first three opinions

Health Expert Panel adopts first three opinions

The independent Expert Panel which advises the Commission on matters related to “effective ways of investing in health” has adopted its first three opinions, which were published today.

The first opinion on a frame of reference in relation to primary care with a special emphasis on financing systems and referral systems is of particular interest to EU countries that are making efforts to improve the functioning and sustainability of their health systems. The opinion provides a core definition of primary care, underlines its importance, and recommends its strengthening in terms of infrastructures, organisation, access, and financing. A public consultation on this opinion will be launched soon.

The second opinion on Criteria to identify priority areas when assessing the performance of health systems has a practical aim. The Expert Panel has elaborated guidance on elements to be considered when developing such criteria.

The third opinion is an assessment of the study “Evaluation of public-private partnerships in health care delivery across the EU”. The opinion provides a critical peer review of a much debated topic. It examines the strength of the evidence and assesses the conclusions of the study.

These opinions, as all advice given by the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in Health, are non-binding.

Author: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_consumer/dyna/enews/enews.cfm?al_id=1464

published: 20.03.2014