Terapus 2 Laser Therapy Unit

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TERAPUS 2 supports any point, multi-cluster or scanning probes. They can be connected to any of three available inputs located at the rear of the base unit, they can be stored on two grips. This gives the user full flexibility in configuring their own set, and provides highest level of comfort in their daily work.

In basic version laser is sold with two point probes R and IR

You can choose between:

          35 mW / IR 808 nm – 250 mW

          50 mW / IR 808 nm – 400 mW


Additional equipment:

          Safety glasses

          Infrared point probe 808nm –  150 mW; 250 mW; 400 mW oraz 500 mW

          Infrared point probe 656nm – 35 mW; 50 mW; 80 mW; and 100 mW.

          multi-cluster probe R –  658 nm or IR – 808 nm available probes:

R – 240 mW (4 x 60 mW)