PRECOR AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer

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PRECOR AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer

The innovative and premium design of the Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®) 833 now has a longer stride length to provide exercisers of all fitness levels with a wider range of motions during workouts. The AMT 833 intuitively responds to users’ natural motion, allowing them to adapt their stride length for a comprehensive cardio workout – all without so much as the push of a button.



– Naturally adapt stride length without the need to control settings. From zero to 36 inches (0 to 91 cm), to match the desired workout for each unique user. Dual action provides both upper and lower body workout. Arms are engaged with pushing and pulling motion to provide the ultimate in total body engagement.

– Step on platform in the rear is polypropylene for durability. Platform enables the user to step onto the foot pedals while identifying how far the foot pedals may extend from the back of the machine. Foot pedals with toe caps enable user to optimize muscle involvement.

– Large LED Display 15 in.

– Handheld heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease of use by exercisers of all sizes.

– Accessories holders for water bottle, reading communication devices and portable music player.

Equipment Specifications:

Maximum User Weight (kg/lbs)    350 lbs / 159 kg

Step-up Height (footplate at lowest position) (cm/inches)    6.5 inches / 16.5 cm

Foot Pedal Dimensions (cm/inches)    8 W x 14 L inches / 20 W x 36 L cm

Minimum Space Between Foot Pedals (cm/inches)    4 inches / 10 cm

Equipment Dimensions & Weight

Length (cm/inches)    80 inches / 203 cm

Width (cm/inches)    35 inches / 89 cm

Height (cm/inches)    69 inches / 175 cm

Height with PVS (inches/cm)    81.8 inches / 208 cm

Equipment Weight (kg/lbs)    412 lbs / 187 kg

Machine Weight (base equipment) (kg/lbs)    412 lbs / 187 kg