Thermopulse Diathermy

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The THERMOPULSE electro medical equipment is a shortwave diathermy that generates radio frequency energy (high frequency 27.12 MHz) in the form of electromagnetic radiation intended for treatment of several pathologies. The interest in the use of high frequency radio frequency (shortwave) for therapeutic purposes dates back from 1892 when d’Arsonval (physician-physiologist) observed that frequencies of 10 kHz or more had the ability to produce heat in the tissues without causing painful muscle contractions or other harmful consequences that can occur at lower frequencies. This type of heat treatment has become popular because high frequency currents can penetrate more deeply into the tissues, with higher advantage when compared with other methods to heat the tissues superficially.

The equipment is to be used only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.


THERMOPULSE Shortwave Diathermy is performed by application of electromagnetic energy through the body tissues. The apparatus of shortwave diathermy consists of a sine wave generating circuit which produces a current with a frequency of 27.12 MHz and a resonant circuit can be tuned to the exact same frequency. THERMOPULSE produces electric fields and magnetic fields oscillating currents of high frequency alternating fields and these are the fields which produce the physiological effects and therapeutic benefits. This electromagnetic frequency energy is converted into thermal energy by inducing currents circulating in the insulating tissue. The heating effect produced by shortwave diathermy aids the healing process, generating heat deep into the tissue, resulting in numerous beneficial effects. The mode of application of THERMOPULSE may also be pulsed (shortwave pulsed non-thermal), i.e., it allows shots to emit electromagnetic energy in pre-programmed intervals of time, minimizing the thermal effect for the control of pain, edema and accelerating the healing. 

Some Indications:

 Osteoarthritis: Chronic and acute joint disorders (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot and mandibular joints).

Chronic Polyarthritis of the Hip and Shoulder Joints: Inflammation of more than one joint. 

Tendonitis/Tendinosis: Chronic and acute inflammation or injury to the tendons.

Shin Splints: Painful condition of the shins.

Bursitis: Bursal synovitis.

Distortions, Dislocations, and Contusions: Twisted joints, overextended joints, sprains, dislocations (luxation), crushing, or injury due to brute force (contusion).

Epicondylitis: Tennis elbow, inflammation of tendon attachments on cubital or radial part of elbow joint (humeral).

Sinusitis: Inflammation of the paranasal passages. 

Fractures: Broken bones.

Intercostal Neuralgia: Nerve pain. Acute, painful irritation starting from the thoracic spine; Possible causes of this are nerve root compressions and acute blockages in the area of the kinetic elements or the joint faces of the vertebral bodies.

Some Contraindications:

Patients whose condition could be negatively affected by heat.

Patients with hemorrhages or risk of hemorrhage.

Patients with septic conditions and empyemas.

Patients with malignant tumors and undiagnosed tumors.

Implants, areas where implants have been removed, damaged implants, and metal inclusions.

Implants that could be impaired by shortwave diathermy irradiation.

Swellings that still feel warm. 

Thermohypesthesia (diminished perception of temperature differences).

Thermohyperesthesia (very acute thermoesthesia or temperature sense; exaggerated perception of hot and cold).

Acute inflammations.

Severe arterial obstructions (stage III and IV).

Gynecological disorders involving acute inflammation.


Burns: short-wave diathermy may cause burns to soft tissues when used in excessive doses. To avoid burning the patient’s skin should be kept dry. 


Width: 15.3” in (39 cm)

Depth :14.9” in (38 cm)

Height :29.9” in (76 cm)

Standard Weight: 27,5 kg


Input: 27.12 MHz ± 0.6%

Input Power:

Electrical Class:


Degree of Electrical Protection: 

Output frequency:


SWD (Shortwave Diathermy)

PSWD (Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy)

ASWD (Automatic Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy)

Capacitive Mode Output Power: 10 to 150 W (50 ohms)

Inductive Mode Output Power: 10 to 80 W (50 ohms)

Power Increments: 10 W

Pulse width: 100 to 400 μs

Pulse Frequency: 50 to 800 Hz

Treatment time: 1-60 minutes (1 minutes increments)

Capacitive Electrode Area: 270 cm2 (each electrode)

Inductive Electrode Area: 85 cm2


 01 Plug line cord (Length 1.5 m)

01 Solid State Vulcanized Rubber Electrode Kit Thermopulse (1,25 m)

01 Solid State Inductive Electrode Kit Thermopulse (1,25 m)

01 Digital User Manual IBRAMED 100511

01 Fuse Card (C-314) with two 5A fuses

01 Belt for Large Inductive Electrode



mA = miliampéres; 

uA = microampéres;   

Hz = hertz;        

Va = volt ampéres;

mm = milímetros;

useg = us= microsegundos;

mseg = milisegundos;

Ω = ohms;

Note: The device and its features may change without notice.