HF Ibramed Electrotherapy Unit

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HF Ibramed Description

          HF Ibramed is a high frequency portable, easy application equipment, used in facial hair and podology treatments.These  are techniques without systemic effects; they are not addictive and they present  no  side effects.


Power source: – manual selection of voltage 110/240 volts AC (60 Hz); 

Input Power  Consumption (Max): – 10 Va; 

HF Outlet for high frequency techniques.

Dimensions (cm): – 7 x 11 x 6 (W x D x H); 

Weight (approx. without accessories): – 0.6 kg; 

Stacking up: – 3 boxes; 

Temperature for transportation:- 50-50 ° C; 

Environment operating temperature:- 5-45 ° C.

Abbreviations of measures used:

mA = milliamperes; 

Hz = hertz; 

Va = volt amps; 

mm = mm; 

usec = us = microseconds; 

msec = milliseconds. 

V ~ = AC voltage; 

cm = centimeter; 

W = watts.

Accessories accompanying the equipment:

– 01 large spherical glass electrode applicator; 

– 01 combed glass electrode applicator; 

– 01 manual; 

– 01 bag for transportation; 

– 01 spare Fuse.

PS:. Using cables, electrodes and other accessories different from those specified above may result in increased emissions or decreased immunity of equipment.

Note: The device and its features may change without notice.